Some Projects

  1. Mlenga Village, Mpwapwa District, Dodoma Region. Sponsor:
    Northwestern Ohio Synod ELCA and St. Peter Lutheran Church Blackberry Lutheran Church (Ohio, USA).
    New water well and associated system to replace unimproved water sources. This project is completed. Geophysical survey completed, drilling sites selected, well construction and testing budget developed. After a delay that precluded work in 2013, a well was successfully drilled and tested at the primary site selected by the geophysical study (November 2014). A 27,000-L reinforced masonry tank and control house (also mount for solar panels) were completed in late 2015 and solar pumping system installed in February 2016. The system was dedicated February 2016.
  2. Kikwe to Karangai Water Supply Project, Ameru District, Arusha Region. Sponsor: Greater Milwaukee Synod, ELCA, Milwaukee, WI, USA, in collaboration with the Meru Diocese, ELCT. A spring-source water supply was engineered and built for the area in 1970, but it became broken down and unable to supply water south of Kikwe by 1982, according to local residents. The spring-source water supply still extends to at least part of Kikwe. A water tank, typical of the era and in condition to be rehabilitated and returned to service, stands at Karangai. A borehole (sited by a survey by others), was completed in 2015, but proved to be poorly productive and water was high in fluoride. A further assessment and report was made in 2015. A spring survey by the Water Ministry is in progress, with further engineering and ground water survey work planned.
  3. Mtinko Lutheran Parish, Iramba District, Singida Region. Sponsor:  Bethany Lutheran Church of Austin, Texas, USA. Ground+Water Tanzania is retained to conduct a borehole site survey, plan and supervise well drilling, conduct well testing, and make arrangements to equip a permanent water supply for the community. A well site survey was conducted in November 2015, drilling specifications developed, with well drilling and testing planned in early 2016. In progress.
  4. Kashasha Village, Kagera Region. Sponsor:  Expatriots from the Kagera region for the Kashasha Water Consumers Organization. Kashasha is a coffee and banana-growing area near the Uganda border, but lacking a permanent improved water supply. People use local natural and improved springs, and a small borehole with hand pump. A well drilled in 1960 was allowed to become abandoned. A preliminary reconnaissance was conducted in February 2016, with plans for constructing a borehole-source permanent water system.
  1. Aya Secondary School, Kondoa District, Dodoma region:
    Sponsors: Northwestern Ohio Synod ELCA and Dodoma Diocese, ELCT.
  • Conducted borehole site geophysical survey to site new water well to replace existing well. 2015. Planning new well construction.
  • Possibly renovation of the existing well-source system. The existing 10-year-old well pumps sand, destroying well pumps. The well requires renovation if feasible. Information collection to plan work in progress.
  1. Mzogole Village, Bahi District, Dodoma region. Sponsor:
    Northwestern Ohio Synod ELCA and churches.
    Working on replacement water system for system out of service for more than five years, people returning to digging holes for water. In progress. An existing windmill pump was restored and system equipped with a new storage tank and spigots. However, the windmill pump again failed.  Assessments made and budgets developed for a well restoration and permanent up-to-date power pump. Goal: 2017.
  2. Farm of Hon. Peter Mavunde, MP, Mwegamile Village, Chamwino District, Dodoma Region. Mr. Mavunde intends to develop a borehole-source improved water supply at this shamba. We;; site geophysical survey conducted November 2015.
  3. Dodoma Tanzania Health Development, Dodoma. Client: DTHD.
  • DTHD constructed a water bore to support a water bottling plant. Although productive, it pumped silt in the rainy season and had relatively high nitrate levels. G+WT partner reviewed the well construction situation and provided a report with recommendations. 
  • Grant writing project: G+WT partner Naftal Mandi provided grant-writing services in support of expansion of DTHD's sustainable development and self-financing mission.
  • Uchira Village/Parish, Kilimanjaro region. Sponsor:
    Youngstown (Ohio) Diocese, Roman Catholic Church, for the Moshi Diocese. G+WT partner Stuart Smith conducted an inspection, aided in selection of a well contractor and development of a work plan.The existing damaged borehole well was cleaned out and a new water well pump and electrical system installed. As a result, Uchira parish now has water for a clinic/dispensary, two primary schools with more than 800 children, and the sisters convent who are running the Uchira Dispensary. The well is available as an emergency supply of water to Uchira village. Completed.
  • St. James Seminary, Moshi Diocese, Kilimanjaro region. Sponsor:
    Youngstown (Ohio) Diocese. G+WT partner Stuart Smith conducted an inspection and developed a work plan and budget. Although a well existed on site, a new well was constructed. This supplies sufficient water for the 200 students, sisters and teaching fathers, and the agricultural projects supporting the school. Completed.