G+WT (officially N&S Ground and Water Tanzania Ltd.) has been established as an officially registered business in the United Republic of Tanzania, with headquarters in Dodoma, and managing projects and providing services. Our purpose is to offer world-class technical services and project planning and oversight in the rapidly developing Tanzanian economy, at a reasonable cost.

The Partners

G+WT partner Naftal Mandi, MPH, MBA, brings his public health and business education to water and sanitation planning, as well as his teaching and leadership experience at St. Johns University in Dodoma. During his USA undergraduate education time (Bowling Green State University in Ohio), he also gained laboratory, quality control, and fund management experience. Back in Tanzania, he has managed self-improvement business investment accounts and invested in the education of others. He is multilingual like many Tanzanians, and also brings his entrepreneurship (he has been involved in several businesses) and commitment to excellence to the new venture. He manages the Tanzania-based project team, project logistics, contractor relations, and client relatiStuart Smithons.

Stuart Smith, MS, CGWP, RG is the USA-based G+WT Partner. Stuart has been in consulting practice since 1986, and is also a partner in the long-established USA-based firm, Ground Water Science. Prior to that, he worked as an adjunct associate professor with Wright State University (Ohio), and as education and research associate for the National Ground Water Association (NGWA).  He is an NGWA Certified Ground Water Professional and holds BA and MS degrees. Mr. Smith is a pioneer in improving methods of water well rehabilitation, including improved sanitation and removing clogging deposits, and lifetime management of water supply assets in the developing world. He performs hydrogeologic and well and ground-water system forensic analysis and planning, training, watershed management, and project management. He recently has become active in water quality protection around resource development projects (oil, gas, minerals). He is the author or coauthor of numerous publications, including contributions to well maintenance and rehabilitation practice. He is chair of Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater joint technical group section 9240 (iron and sulfur bacteria), and active in the development of the new NGWA water well construction standard, ANSI/NGWA-01. Mr. Smith manages international client relations, training and business development, and technical standards for the company.

The Business

Ground+WaterTanzania is a small, flexible business. We seek out and bring the best available technical expertise – Tanzanian first – on our projects. Our work integrates a wide range of relevant disciplines to most effectively support our customers and their communities.  Currently, we have the necessary qualified people to conduct water system planning and inspection, well site geophysical surveys, and well pumping tests (with associated equipment). We strive to consistently deliver superior customer service by insisting that all work is conducted professionally, everything done the right way, by serving as advocates for our clients, and by maintaining integrity in everything that we do.  If you want to discuss how we can work together with you to make your project more successful, please contact us (contact us utility here on the web site). Asante sana (thanks so much) for your interest.